Shio Ramen


Chicken dashibroth, sea salt with sliced pork, spinach, egg, bean sprout, bamboo shoot, scallion, nori

Choice Required, up to 1
Rice Noodle
Udon Noodle
Ramen Noodle
Extra Ramen Add ons Optional, up to 20
Extra Noodles (add $2.00)
Pork Pelly (add $2.00)
Chicken (add $2.00)
Kimche (add $2.00)
Egg (add $1.00)
Mushroome (add $1.00)
Bean Sprouts (add $1.00)
Bamboo Shoot Gyoza (add $1.00)
Chili oil (add $0.50)
Fried Onion (add $0.50)
Total : $11.50